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.pdf Flyer, FEI Federation Agreement & Waiver

Entry Form

USA SE Spring Fundraiser Rides, January 27-28, 2017
25/50/75/100 Friday (CEI 1*2*3*) & 25/50/75 Saturday (CEI 1* 2*)



Sanctioned by: AERC, SERA, and SEDRA – Ehrhardt, South Carolina • USEF # 330277

SE Young Riders

USA SE Young Riders TEAM SILVER at the 2016 Young Rider Endurance Team Challenge.

FEI ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED by 19 January, 2017 – Entries accepted with payment of late fees subject to FEI regulations.

AERC enter early please to avoid late fees (send in deposit) but can register on site!

All entries AERC and FEI should be submitted online at http://rideentry.org/Broxton/ – then print and mail in waivers, forms, payment - USA FEI ENTRIES MUST also register online through USEF accounts - other nationalities must have their NF entered into the FEI online registration system.

Location: Broxton Bridge Plantation Broxton Bridge Plantation is located 7 miles south of Ehrhardt, SC on Hwy 601, 12 miles north of Hampton on Hwy 601 North and @ 25 miles from I95. GPS 1685 Broxton Bridge Road or N32.59.989 W81.03.121 From the north, exit 57 off of I95. www.broxtonbridge.com/directions.htm - Call 803-267-3882. From the south, most people get off I95 at exit 38 and drive north to Hampton. Cell service is marginal!

Trails: All trails are groomed hard and soft sand shaded primarily by pines and old growth hardwoods. There are plenty of water stops about every four miles on the trails and we’ll have hay at the water stops on the later loops.

Camping/Stabling/Corrals: Covered corrals and corral panels are available. Covered corrals are $25 per night (VERY LIMITED NUMBER AVAILABLE MUST PAY IN ADVANCE) and four-panel corrals are $12 per night. To reserve panels and covered corrals see the ride registration form. Reserve panels early as we may run out. Remember, each horse owner, trainer and/or rider is responsible for safe camping and restraint of their horses. We thank those of you who rake up all hay/manure and put it into blue tubs - sadly, some people do not clean up at all, and Broxton asks that we implement a clean-up fee of $25 per campsite if you do not rake up hay/manure into piles and put into blue tubs.

Electric/RV Park and Lodging: ELECTRIC SITES ARE PRE-ASSIGNED SO CHECK WITH US BEFORE PARKING OR YOU MAY HAVE TO MOVE! To reserve an electric hook-up, do so online when entering the rides. Full bath house on grounds. See http://www.broxtonbridge.com/ for additional details. Camp will open Thursday, January 26th at 10 am. Early arrival primitive camping for $20 per night is available for early arrivals or late departures. YOU CANNOT USE PRIMITIVE CAMP BLOCKING ELECTRIC HOOKUPS without paying for them. Historic lodges which are ON THE GROUNDS are $90 per room per night. LIMITED availability as we house our officials. For ROOM reservations call Cheryl at 386.566.4820 - other lodging choices are Ehrhardt Hall 803-267-2020 or Days Inn Hampton, SC 866-608-5966.

Distances: AERC 25/50/75 mile rides each day with the 100 mile on Friday–FEI C E I 80 km, 120 km Senior and JY each day plus 160 km on Friday. Introductory Rides each day! Riders have 6 hours to complete the 25 miles, 12 hours to complete the 50 miles (80 km), 18 hours to complete the 75 miles (120 km) and 24 hours to complete the 100 mile (160 km) rides. Please see the FEI draft schedule for loop lengths and hold times for each phase. It may be found at http://www.usaseendurance.rocks after approval received.

Cancellations: Once you vet in, there are no refunds if you choose not to ride. If you should have to cancel before arriving on site, or did not vet in successfully, AERC entry fees will be refunded, minus the $25 (per day) non-refundable portion of your entry plus camping; however, no-shows/no-calls and withdrawals or pulls after crossing the start line will not receive any refunds. Meal tickets are non-refundable unless your ticket can be sold. FEI cancellation fees are $50 if you fail to vet in. Cancellations must be made directly to ride management. If a FEI horse does not successfully vet in, an office fee of $50 plus the USEF IHP & Drug fees must be paid. Everyone must pay any camping/electrical or panel charges also.

Farrier and Vet Fees: Riders will be responsible for any individual farrier or vet services. Failure to pay any of these fees in a timely manner will result in any rider and/or owner not being welcome at future rides, forfeiture of points and qualifications and collection fees.

Junior Riders: Riders must be accompanied by an adult 18 and over plus wear an approved helmet. Everyone must wear a helmet when mounted.

Awards: Daily completion awards to all. Top Ten awards for all distances along with Best Condition for each distance. Junior & weight division prizes also!

Food: Each rider receives two meals Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. The Broxton Bridge Snack Shack will be open Thursday until Sunday morning.

Registration/Fees: All AERC ride applications with deposits received by 13 January will not pay a late fee. A $25 deposit per day is required with entry and all signed waivers. For example, riding both days, deposit is $50. Riding one day, deposit is $25. There is a $15 fee per ride charged for all competition riders who are not current members of AERC. Bad check fee of $50 – we can work payments with you as we understand cash flow but please ask in advance! On-site registration begins Thursday at noon. Vet in to follow around 2 pm for AERC. The entry fee includes camping for two nights. Early arrivals are welcome although you are responsible for additional primitive camping fees before Thursday night or after Saturday night, or if you are there more than 2 nights. The fee is $15 so please be straight with us! The AERC 25/50 are $125 for senior riders, $75 for AERC juniors. Other fees are on the registration webpage. The introductory ride includes meal and camping for $60. FEI fees are listed on the last page and you should send payment in full by 15 January to be received on or before 19 January. USA FEI entries MUST also register online through USEF accounts - other nationalities must have their NF enter them into the FEI online registration system. Once you vet in, no refunds given.

Ride Management Team: Grace Ramsey, Ride Manager; Cheryl Van Deusen, Mary Farris, Amy Dedafoe, Adelia Ramey, Pat Thomas, Carol Thompson, Nancy Gooch, Jo Steele (secretary), and other USA SE Volunteers, who we really appreciate as we could NOT do this without help! Please help when you can!

Veterinarians: (Subject to change) HEAD VET: Dr. Duane Barnett, Dr. Ken Marcella, Dr. Olivia Rudolfi, Dr. Julia Wolfe, Dr. Heather Hoyns, Dr. Amanda McCleery, Dr. Dee Dee Huff, Dr. Lynne Johnson, and Dr. Natalie Lamneck

Questions? Contact Cheryl Van Deusen 386-566-4820 cell or usaseendurance@gmail.comwww.usaseendurance.com

ACTUAL ONLINE ENTRY for AERC and FEI rides: http://rideentry.org/Broxton/


Current Coggins (within 12 months) presented at registration

Must show current membership card or pay $15.00 non-member AERC fee per ride except Introductory Ride

FEI ENTRIES MUST BE RECEIVED before 3:00 pm 19 January, 2017 – All Entries accepted with payment of late fees subject to regulations.

All entries (AERC and FEI) should be submitted online at http://rideentry.org/Broxton/

AERC entries accepted with $25.00 per ride deposit received by 19th January.

FEI Riders MUST enter the FEI portion of the ride via the USEF online entry system.

All foreign riders must also be entered into the FEI system by their federations.

All entries AERC and FEI should be submitted online. Any waivers necessary may be emailed to josteele@mac.com or included with their payment.

AERC 25 mile ride
Juniors, up to 16, 25 miles
AERC 50 mile ride
Juniors, up to 16, 50 miles
FEI Senior 50 mile ride
FEI Young Rider 50 mile
AERC Senior 75 mile ride
Juniors, up to 16, 75 miles
FEI Senior 75 mile ride
FEI Young Rider 75 mile
AERC 100 mile ride
AERC Junior Rider 100 mile ride
FEI Senior 100 mile ride
FEI Young Rider 100 mile ride
Extra meals
Introductory 15 mile ride

LATE FEE PER RIDE after 1/19/17

AERC Non-member per day
Covered corrals per night (limited)
Corrals per night (4 panels)
Water/electric site 30 amp/night
Full hook-up site 30 amp/night
Camping early arrival late departure (two nights included w/ride entry)per/night









USA SE Endurance
Cheryl Van Deusen
656 Sapp Road
New Smyrna, FL 32168




Trail Rides/RV Park

.pdf Flyer, FEI Federation Agreement & Waiver

Entry Form

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